How do the rates charged by Kastle Kare compare to other pest control companies?

  • We believe in fair pricing and are competitive with our rates when comparing to other licensed companies offering the same services.
  • Our consultation fees are reasonable and will be applied towards the agreed upon services.
  • Kastle Kare offers services that no other local companies do and we dont believe in gouging you because we are the only option for those unique services.

Kastle Kare is licensed and insured, why is that important?

  • By hiring a company that upholds the laws and regulations set forth by the State of California, you can feel confident that the technician servicing your property is knowledgeable in both treatment and safety measures ensuring you have effective service with each visit.
  • By using licensed professionals, you are ensuring that your landscape and structure along with the health of you and other people on your property are being properly cared for.
  • We understand the value of paying for professional services by licensed technicians and required our team to keep up to date on proper training.
  • Any company that is licensed is also required to by the state to have insurance. The insurance is protection for both Kastle Kare employees and the property owners.

Why should you choose Kastle Kare for your plant health care and pest control services?

  • We call it our PEEK-Q. Perhaps it is what keeps us in check with our competitors but the bottom line is that Kastle Kare prides itself on being ProfessionalExperienced, having the Equipment and Knowledge to provide you with Quality service.
  • Having been a financially stable, family-owned and operated business for more than 25 years is a true testament to our dedication in providing you with quality customer service and exceptional structural, horticultural and pest control services.
  • We believe in our staff and in the customer service they provide you with. Our technicians are all licensed by the State of California and they care about your property and care about retaining you as a satisfied customer it truly is very important to each technician.  They want you to be happy with their services because we know if you are, you will tell your friends and that gives us the confidence that we are doing our jobs right.
  • Our size and scope enable us to provide personalized attention to all customers while providing services that our competitors are unable to deliver. Our entire team is licensed as Operators or Technicians by the State of California and maintains ongoing training to stay up to date with the most recent innovations in the industry. We also have some of the most unique equipment in the industry which puts us a step ahead of other companies because we have the right tools for the job.

What does a maintenance plan consist of?

  • Depending on the type of services you require, a maintenance plan may include once a month, every other month, or for some Plant Rx needs it may include quarterly or seasonal services.
  • A maintenance plan also means we have you on a regular schedule and either have a set date to visit your property or we call you the night prior to service to remind you that we are coming out.
  • Being on a maintenance plan is more cost effective than one time treatments and our technicians will recommend an appropriate maintenance plan based on your specific needs.