Thrips is Identified by Damaged and Curly Looking Leaves

thrips before after, leaf, dying tree, plant disease
Leaves before and after being treated for thrips

A common plant pest that is a serious threat to the life of your plants is called thrips. When Thrips attack your plants, most commonly ornamental shrubs, they damage the leaves causing unsightly damage and leaf curling. Leaf curl, when left unchecked , can quickly spread throughout the entire tree. This greatly diminishes the attractiveness of the tree/shrub. It detracts from the tree’s privacy hedge affect as well.

Targeted Plants: Myoporum Trees/Shrubs

These trees are commonly used as privacy hedges. They are lined on hundreds of miles along California’s highways. They are a robust ever green tree that bears white (or near white) blossoms in winter to mid spring. It is a fast growing shrub or small tree which appears dome shaped at first.