Professional Removal of Stinging Insects

While bees and wasps are beneficial insects, they are also a safety concern around people. Sometimes when people disturb their hives and nests they can attack. For this reason, bees and wasp pest control must be done by a skilled professional.

Both wasps and bees sting to defend themselves and their colony so it is important to keep them away from people to avoid inadvertent attacks. The bee sting and wasp sting are injections of protein venom that causes pain and other reactions. Some people are allergic to bee and wasp stings and the allergic reactions can be quite severe. Proper protection must be worn to keep bees and wasp from stinging.

Wasps can sting multiple times with the same stinger. However honeybees have one opportunity to sting. If their stinger becomes lodged in the victim, it will tear the stinger from the bees abdomen and it will expire.

Treatment Options


How we treat the infestation depends on the type of insect. For Honeybees, a dust is injected into their nest area which will eradicate them but the honeycomb as well as the nest will remain intact. We recommend that once the insects are eliminated, you remove the hive to avoid further damage as stagnant honey and honeycomb will melt and destroy building materials.



Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps collect wet paper within the environment and use it to build their nest. These nests are typically a cone-shape containing many round open cells within it. These cells will contain the eggs of wasps and once formed, they seal it off for hatching.If nests are not destroyed, wasps will continue to add to the cone thus enlarging the structure for future nesting. Our treatment includes utilizing a fast acting liquid to eliminate any adult wasps and then we remove the nest and destroy it.

Mud Dauber Wasps

Mud Dauber wasps do basically the same nest building as Paper Wasps except they use mud. These mud nests are usually found in high areas where little human interaction is required. By utilizing a liquid treatment product as well as removing the nest, our technicians will ensure the insect problem is eliminated.