Gophers & Moles

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Gophers and Moles can destroy your landscape

Gophers can destroy your landscape when they are not controlled.  Your lawn can become riddled with very unsightly gopher holes and dirt mounds.  Plants can become smothered by the dirt mounds, thus killing them as well.  More damage can come from the gopher chewing through utility lines and irrigation lines.  Additionally, the soil dug up and brought to the surface of your landscape can cause greater erosion of the soil from rain water and sprinklers, causing a host of related problems.

gopher, rodent, pest, exterminator, pest control, weedsGophers are pests that must be dealt with

Because of these problems, gophers must be dealt with effectively to rid your property of their potential damage.  One difficulty in dealing with gophers is they frequently come back and must be dealt with again.  The reason for this is usually when your property has removed the gophers, your neighboring property still has them.  It is just a matter of time before gophers come back again to your property.

Recognizing Gophers

The way to recognize a gopher is to check out the gopher’s hole.  The gopher creates a gopher mound that typically is in a fan shape moving outward from the center of the hole.

Gophers eat plants, lots of them.  They are the usual culprit in your plant damage and disappearing plants.  Gophers can make tunnels up to 200 yards  in a year and move more than 2 tons of soil.

Kastle Kare, home of Gopherman, is the solution to your gopher problems. Read more…

Live Animals: Raccoons, Possum, Rats, Mice, Etc.

raccoons feces, pest, rodents, pest control, exterminatorRaccoons, Squirrels, Snakes and Opossums

Raccoons, squirrels, snakes and opossums in and around your home or property can be quite a problem. They can be dangerous to deal with and cause a lot of problems. They must be removed from the property to keep you safe from harm and damage.

Raccoons can find nice hiding places in your attic. They can cause quite a bit of damage there too. They are often found rummaging through your garbage and causing quite a mess.

The Kastle Kare Pest Control team knows how to remove these pest from your property and relocate them so they will not return. Our company has a wide variety of traps and capturing methods that won’t harm the animals and keeps you and your family safer. Yes, we do snake removal and control, including rattlesnakes.

baby opossums, rodent, exterminator, pest control, malibuRats, Mice and Bats

No one likes rats, or mice to invade their property. They often carry with them diseases and can cause damage to your property. Did you know that mice contaminate ten times more food than it eats? Our customers have complained of hearing noises in the attacks and inside walls. Rats and Mice often chew up wiring, siding and other personal property. It is important to exterminate or remove these pest from your property.

Kastle Kare’s Pest Control Team will rid your property of these pests and make it difficult for them to return again. We are experts at trapping, exterminating and relocating these animals.

rat, pest control, pest, rodent, exterminator, santa barbaraGophers, Moles and Voles

Gophers are very damaging to your landscape and property. They are also difficult to get rid of around your landscaping.
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Humane capture, relocation or extermination

Kastle Kare employs a variety of techniques to get rid of all of these pests. We have a large assortment of live animal traps to aid in capturing them. From larger animals like Raccoons, and Possums, to smaller animals like rats and mice, we can capture them and remove them from your property. Often, the only valid choice is to exterminate the pests to remove them from your property.

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Leaf curl found on Myopurum plants in Ventura County

Leaf Curl on Myopurum tree shrub plant, disease, pest controlThere is a new pest attacking plants in Southern California. This pest is called a thrips. It has become a very serious problem to a common ornamental shrub in Ventura County. It is commonly used among highways and freeways. The thrips damages the plants leaves and causes spectacular and unsightly damage.

Myoporum Trees/Shrubs are the target

These trees are commonly used as privacy hedges. They are lined on hundreds of miles along California’s highways. They are a robust ever green tree that bears white (or near white) blossoms in winter to mid spring.It is a fast growing shrub or small tree which appears dome shaped at first.

The symptoms you see is a very tight leaf curl.

The pictures to the right show the leaf curl that occurs. This leaf curl, when left unchecked can quickly spread throughout the entire tree. This greatly diminishes the attractiveness of the tree/shrub. It detracts from the tree’s privacy hedge affect as well.

About the Thrips (the pests)

Thrips are sucking insects. They are similar this way to aphids, mealy bugs, whiteflies and scales. The biggest threat to ornamental plants are sucking insects, like the thrips. Thrips are very tiny, and hard to be seen by the naked eye. They can be seen squirming when you uncurl the leaves that they inhabit. Their entire life cycle is only 10 days. They lay eggs, that hatch into nymphs and quickly grow into maturity. They suck the life out of the plants.

There is an expectation that this new genus of thrips, called Klambothrips, will cause widespread damage along the 100’s of miles using the common Myoporum plant.

Kastle Kare Treatments

Kastle Kare treats these trees/shrubs and revives them back to life. Call our office to schedule an appointment to see if your plants are affected by this troubling pest.