Eliminate Your Gopher Pest Problem with GOPHERMAN

gopherholesGophers ruin our lawns and landscaping!

Gophers are one of the most destructive pests that our landscaping and our lawns can have.  We have seen otherwise pristine landscapes that have been destroyed by Gophers.  If you don’t get rid of your gophers quickly, you could experience a landscape that takes you from proud to embarrassed!

How to get rid of Gophers…

Exterminating gophers is a challenging problem for many property owners.  There are two big reasons for this, how quickly they multiply and your neighbors’ determination in getting rid of gophers too.  If you don’t kill and eradicate your gophers quickly, you soon have so many that the job is exhausting.  Also, if you get rid of the gophers on your property, but your neighbors don’t, they will soon be back on yours.  Gophers just don’t understand property lines well.

Many property owners resort to gopher exterminating and trapping methods that are largely futile.  They just don’t work in too many cases.  Unfortunately, when the job gets to be out of hand, it requires professional help.  That’s where we come in.

We know gopher extermination!

We have an entire division to our company called “GOPHERMAN.”  We employ a team of highly skilled, and trained gopher exterminators.  Our determination and our skills get your property cleaned up of gopher problems quickly.  We also make it difficult, but not impossible, for gophers to come back.  We have regular programs to help keep your gophers away from your property before they have a chance to destroy it.

If your property is prone to gophers, it’s time to call the Gopherman!

The Gopherman has been providing this very important service for homeowners and property owners in Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Santa Barbara County for 25 plus years.

The problem with gophers

The problem with gophers is that we can kill them, but usually more will come back.  To keep your landscape free from  gophers, we must safely eradicate them from your premises, then prevent them from coming back.  We address this issue for our clients by providing a very thorough removal of all live gophers from your property.  Then, we offer a routine service where we come by on our route periodically to treat your property.

gopherman-routetruck350How do we eliminate Gophers?

We specialize in gopher and rodent control using the most effective, yet safe, methods on the market. Each employee at Kastle Kare is licensed by the state of California to use restricted materials, as well as registered with the county to engage in pest control for hire.


GOPHERDEATH-WITH-PHONEOur services include an initial service, which consists of coming out to the site and treating all gopher activity. There is a thirty-day and ninety percent control guarantee on all treated areas.  The reason for the thirty-day guarantee is that we can get rid of the existing gophers, but there is no way to prevent new gophers from coming back, either through new tunnels or through existing tunnel systems. In addition to our initial service, we recommend a monthly service, which consists of two visits per month. This helps to ensure that any new activity is treated before it has a chance to destroy the landscape. In these service visits, we are scheduled to come out every other week and walk the entire property and treat any activity. This is all included in the price of the monthly service.

Should you choose to use us, there are no time restriction to your contract. If at any time you are satisfied, or dissatisfied for that matter, you may choose to cancel your service.