Asian Citrus Psyllid

Asian Citrus Psyllid Photo by USDA
Asian Citrus Psyllid Photo by USDA

Asian citrus psyllid, also referred to as ACP, poses a huge threat to California’s citrus trees. The parasite is very tiny and brown in color, and a proven track record of spreading a deadly virus. It’s proven to be a irksome pest to curb. It has caused untold amount of damage all throughout California. These tiny pests spread the disease called, Huanglongbing. It’s important to be proactive in preventing this disease and responding immediately upon the detection of the presence of these insects.

The professionals at Kastle Kare, have a documented success rate of preventing and treating Asian citrus and saving an untold amount of damage and cost in fighting and treating Asian citrus disease. It’s extremely important to for high risk areas in the coastal areas of California to have regular inspections to safeguard against Asian citrus. Detection can be extremely difficult regarding Huanglongbing also known as HLB, for most lay individuals. It’s crucial for high risk areas to have monthly inspections to safeguard against Asian citrus.

The professionals at Kastle Kare, can expertly diagnose, treat and cure Asian citrus professionally and securely.

Leaf and Plant Fungus

Ventura County Leaf with Downey Mildew, a Plant Disease we can help
Ventura County Leaf with Downey Mildew, a Plant Disease we can help

Fungi are the most common type of plant disease

Fungi: these are the most common type of plant disease.  Fungi cause many different symptoms such as leaf spots, wilts, curled leaves, dieback, enlargements or galls, stunted plants and dead plants.  Fungal spores are spread by wind, water, soil movement, machinery, insects and anything else they come in contact with, including people.

Fungus Conditions and Symptoms Include:

  • Powdery Mildew
  • Black Spot
  • Downy Mildew
  • Blights
  • Mold
  • Mushrooms
Ventura County Leaf with Mildew, a Plant Disease we can help
Ventura County Leaf with Mildew, a Plant Disease we can help

Kastle Kare is Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County experts at diagnosing and PROPERLY treating fungus and other plant diseases on your trees, shrubs, ornamentals, ground covers and lawn.

A correct diagnosis is important to ensure the fungi disappears and the plants are not harmed by the incorrect treatments.

All About Kastle Kare’s  plant disease services, including fungus

Unhealthy Lawn and Groundcover

apple tree, dying tree, pest control, landscape, camarilloLandscape Problems

Your lawn and ground cover should look beautiful

Our lawns are usually the most visible and beautiful part of our landscaping.  So, when lawn problems start, it makes a big impact on the appeal of our property.  There are many causes of problems in our lawn and ground cover.

  • Weeds: There are many weeds that can invade and slowly, but surely, take over your beautiful lawn.  For example, dandelion, white clover, chickweed, or grass like weeds such as crabgrass, foxtails, stinkgrass, among many others.
  • Dead Patches: Dead patches have many origins too, including insects such as the cutworm, bluegrass billbug, chinch bugs, and greenbugs.  Additionally, dead patches in your lawn can be caused by chemical or fertilizer burn, urine damage, and fungi.
  • healthy lawn, landscape, plant disease, insects, pest controlPowder on Grass or Rust: Your lawn loses its beauty when it has a powdery mildew or rust, which is a very common disease among residential lawns.
  • Thin Turf: Thin turf can be caused by many issues, such as: drought, heat and cold, leaf spots, shade, soil problems, thatch, and traffic.
  • Off-colored: When your lawn becomes dark or yellows, it looks unattractive.  The causes of this can come from a fungus, such as fairy rings, a dull lawn mower, inadequate nitrogen in the soil, or an iron deficiency.
  • Holes: Holes in your landscape are usually caused by gophers, voles or moles in Southern California.  The most common of course is the gopher.  Gopher holes can devastate a beautiful landscape and lawn.  Read more about gophers here.
  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms in your lawn are a sign of problems that must be dealt with effectively.  They are also unsightly.
  • Moss and Algae: These conditions are usually caused by poor soil conditions that don’t allow your turf to grow well.

Kastle Kare provides the solutions to your landscape problems.

Plant Disease Control with Plant RX (Tree Doctor)

Pest Control, Plant Disease, TruckThere are many types of diseases that affect your landscape’s plants.  To have a  healthy, growing environment for your plants you must have: Good soil structure, drainage and texture; acceptable soil pH; sufficient water;  acceptable temperature and light; sufficient space for expanding roots and crowns; clean air; and relative freedom from pests and diseases

Significant fluctuations in one or more of these areas can result in poor plant health.

Kastle Kare provides the consultation to help diagnose the problems with your plants and suggest a treatment or routine treatment program that restores the plants back to health.

For more information about Plant RX, our plant, landscape and lawn division, please visit this page.

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