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Your Trees and Plants Add Value to Your Property

That’s right money does grow in trees.  In recent findings, it is estimated that healthy trees, shrubs, woody ornamentals and other landscape plants add an average of 15% to the value of a piece of property.

Healthy Plants and Trees Add Beauty

The obvious reason plants and trees add value is because of the beauty they create in your landscape.  We recognize it instantly when we see beautiful landscaping.  We also recognize in when the landscape is suffering from problems, especially in trees.

Tree Diseases and Pests Cause Great Damage

Landscape plants are vulnerable to a variety of diseases, which are caused by

  • fungi
  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • nematodes

malibu, lawn, landscape, plant disease, plant pests, pest controlMost disease causing agents are microscopic.  Most homeowners won’t see the microorganisms which cause:

  • blights
  • Leaf Spots
  • leaf curling
  • Dying leaves
  • and other problems

Although these tree and plant pests are small, the damage they cause is visible and diminishes the beauty of the property.

Kastle Kare’s Plant RX division is Ventura County’s Expert in Tree and Plant Disease Treatment