Ants & Cockroaches

Pest Control Services: Ants, and Cockroaches

Keeping your home free from Ants

antsA single ant can lead the way for an entire colony into your home and invade your food. Ants and cockroaches are a serious problem for food. They must be exterminated and it is suggested to maintain a pest control program to keep them from returning.

Killing the ants present often does not cure them from coming back. Ants live in colonies outside of your home, usually somewhere around the perimeter. Sometimes ants come back because the ant has not been identified and the treatment used does not affect that particular species of ant.

If you are constantly spraying around your home and the ants continue to come back, you may have to contact a company like ours to help completely exterminate your pests. When we investigate your problem, we determine the problem with two main questions.

1. Which ant species is the problem?

2. Where are the ants living? Are they living outdoors and coming inside to forage for food for the colony? Or, are they living inside the structure, in the walls, voids, or underneath the property?

Once we determine these two items, we can begin to properly treat your property to make sure the ants don’t return. Of course, often, your problem may need repeated treatments or a longer term pest control maintenance program.

cockroach, pest, pest control, exterminator, camarilloCockroaches invading your food

The American Cockroach is a large species of winged cockroach. They generally live in most areas but can survive in dry areas if they have access to water. Cockroaches typically live outside and come inside when they are seeking food and warmth. The get into homes and structures through cracks and gaps.

Cockroach Health Risks

Cockroaches are primarily an aestethic nuisance. However, members of this species have been known to carry infectious bacteria on their bodies. These bacteria may transfer to the food they come in contact with. Cockroaches have been known to be the cause of food poisoning, dysentary and diarreah in humans. They also can produce allergens on their bodys and fecal matter. Sometimes the American Cockroach has been implicated in causing respiratory problems and even childhood asthma.

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